Ollie Gabriel
„Running Man“
Single & EP available
on August 5th 2016

This man is getting ready to start a revolution. It is a peaceful musical revolution that consists of pure joy - but it could be earth-shattering. OLLIE GABRIEL has cracked the code for authentic, catchy sound paired with songwriting that touches people. „I think that today there isn’t enough music that makes people happy“, Ollie states. „I’m not a preacher nor a saint but my songs come from a place of joy, deep love and a lot of happiness“. Ollie Gabriel is from a small town in Louisiana and grew up in a family of artists. As a child he listened to soul stars like Bobby Womack or Tyrone Davis. He would hear his parents playing those records in the living room, which entranced him and made him want to try everything. Drums, church organ, trombone - he tried it all in his school band. „Like most I wanted to be Michael Jackson as a young kid, I wanted that power to move people emotionally.“ The natural talent, learned from his idols that it is not about trying to copy something, but about creating something unique. „I fell in love with Motown. I liked the gritty street soul music of Curtis Mayfield and those types. I’m also a big fan of bands like Metallica, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. I appreciate music of various different genres. From artists like Garth Brooks to Tupac and Biggie - it is the diversity that has made me into the artist that I am today.“

After his move to L.A., OLLIE GABRIEL continued to work hard towards his goals. Thereby he managed to get his music placed in ads and on TV networks such as NBC, MTV and TNT. „My story is one of perseverance, determination and patience. I had a lot of obstacles and made many mistakes along the way but I've been lucky enough to grow stronger through everything.“ So far, one of his highest achievements is having been selected out of thousands by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for its Grammy Next Program, which supports aspiring artists. Then, Johnny Wright who has actively shaped the careers of artists such as Justin Timberlake, started to take notice of his unusual sound. Now, Wright co-manages Ollie Gabriel together with Konrad Sommermeyer.

With a good portion of earned laurels and a lot of experience, Ollie is now ready to release his debut EP „RUNNING MAN“. The same-titled lead single „Running Man“ is a highly infectious anthem about following your dreams and overcoming obstacles. That is the message the video for the single carries as well. The video shows the Paralympic athlete Blake Leeper. Leeper was born missing both of his lower legs, yet the American was equipped with prosthetics at the age of 9 months. At the Paralympic Games in London in 2012, Blake managed to earn a silver and a bronze medal, in two different sprint disciplines - there is not a more obvious and authentic metaphor for Ollie’s message. “I can only imagine how many times he's been told he can't do something. But look at what he's done! „Running Man“ is directed at everybody who has big goals and feels disheartened or alone on the their way there.“

With „Cold Blood“, „10 Feet“ and „Safe“ there are 3 additional strong songs on the EP. Altogether the EP offers a fantastic brief insight into Ollie’s wide range. „My music is classic, it sounds of old but is still fresh. I write from my soul and try to make music that hopefully will be remembered by people - not just until the next chart show.“ „Running Man“ has a perfectly balanced track list, consisting of Old- School Funk and fresh sounding Dance-Pop. „Europe has always embraced soul music and many US artists have started there before they became famous in the states. So, I feel very excited that I get to debut my music in Europe.“

OLLIE GABRIEL starts his journey with „RUNNING MAN“ and promises an emotional, thrilling and entertaining joy ride, that leads people to the dance floor. So turn off your computer, put on some clothes you feel comfortable in and: Welcome to the cheerful return of the SOUL MAN!

Ollie Gabriel
Photos: Ibra Ake



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